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Stone City Films

Stone City Films is an award-winning company specializing in high-end innovative feature film, drama and documentary production. We make distinctive films with committed film-makers, combining the latest technology with traditional cinematic storytelling. We have an established track record with UK, North American and European distributors and broadcasters for being original, energetic, and enjoyable to work with – and have collaborated with some of the finest, award-winning producers and directors around.

For producers, Stone City offers supportive collaboration, a stimulating creative environment, and maximized investment in each project. We only want to put the money on screen and make films to be proud of.

Stone City productions have been selected for screenings at international film festivals in the UK, Europe, North America and the Far East, have been nominated for BAFTA, Royal Television Society and other awards, and won awards including CableACE, Prix Europa and European Science Drama awards. Stone City produced the UK ’s first drama to simulcast on TV and the internet, BAFTA-Nominated for Originality.

Bryn Higgins (Director, Executive Producer)

Bryn has 20 years experience in award-winning film, drama and documentary, from the Royal College of Art to the BBC to feature film production. He has written screenplays for BBC, ITV, as well as feature projects. He has extensive expertise in directing and producing highly visual human drama and state-of-the-art graphics and SFX.  He is committed to interesting, valid, challenging films. Bryn is available to direct projects outside Stone City.

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Clare Duggan (Executive Producer)

Clare has extensive experience in Executive Producing feature films and documentaries. Clare worked as a producer at the BBC for 6 years on award-winning series and has had films selected for the Royal Television Society and BAFTA awards. As Head of Science at Channel 4 News Clare won awards from the RTS, BAFTA, the British Association for the Advancement of Science. She has extensive experience in investigative journalism and factually based projects and has a proven track-record of uncovering hidden evidence and achieving difficult access.