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Spilsbury Serial for BBC

We are developing a 6 x 60 neo-noir serial for BBC Drama about the flawed 'father of forensics'. 

SPILSBURY is a tense neo-noir CSI drama about one of the most infamous, double-edged characters in the history of crime: Sir Bernard Spilsbury, dubbed the 'father of forensics' and 'real Sherlock Holmes' who dominated grisly murder scenes and the High Courts for 30 years starting with the Crippen trial in 1910. The very mention of Spilsbury's name strikes fear into defence lawyers and their clients - he is a master of the crime scene and witness stand. But Spilsbury's Methodist soul becomes increasingly corrupted by his hunger for adulation. He begins to pass off opinion as fact, and innocents are sent to hang. His devotion to bringing order out of chaos is bitterly tested in the dark days of the Second World War as a ferocious serial killer stalks the Blackout and Spilsbury is asked to identify human tissues in items from the death camps. He cracks, and his long life among the dead ends in tragedy...

SPILSBURY is scripted by Anthony Neilson, who is lauded in theatre for his taboo-breaking "Rough diamonds of dark, dramatic poetry" (Guardian) and has produced a superbly gripping, moody script.